Mill House Circular Walk

  • Leave Dynes Cottage and turn left.
  • Take the first right on the private road signed to Robjohns Farm & Carp House.
  • Continue along the road until the end, when it takes a 90 degree left turn. Instead of following the road, continue straight across the field to a style.
  • Over the style.  When you emerge from the trees turn left along the edge of the field.
  • Walk along the edge of the field and then follow the footpath sign to the left, down between two fenced fields. 
  • At the bottom you will cross a private road leading to Champion’s farm.  Go straight over the road and the footpath bends to the right behind the tree.
  • Follow the footpath path past a large metal barn.  The path can get quite overgrown in this section so watch out for nettles!
  • Over the bridge.
  • Follow the path.
  • Over the second bridge.
  • Go left along the edge of the field, then follow the path to the left and over a further bridge. 
  • Walk towards the 5 bar gate and let yourself through, closing it behind you. 
  • You’ll see an old water mill on your right and a lovely weeping willow growing next to the mill pond on your left.
  • Immediately after the pond turn left though a wicker archway.
  • Follow the footpath straight all the way back along the stream.
  •  After approximately 1 km you’ll go over a style and into the Hill Farm Meadow, where there is a bench for a picnic next to a stream where you can swim. 
  • Go over the style and follow the path to the left.  You’ll eventually come to the lane. Go over the style and turn left. 
  • Walk up the lane past Daws Farm on your left.  At the top turn left and the lane will bring you back to Dynes Cottage.

You’re home!


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