Circular Walk Across the Fields – approx 4km

  • Leave the Dynes Cottage and turn left.
  • Follow the lane to the left and then turn right in front of the cottages.
  • When you reach the large farmhouse go left across the field.
  • Follow the footpath sign and go right across the bridge, before again turning left.
  • Follow the track. On your right and up the bank is a small reservoir.
  • Take the track on your right along the edge of the field.
  • At the bottom of the field turn left and follow the path along the stream.
  • This path will lead you to a small lane, you will emerge next to a small water works plant.
  • Turn left and follow the lane for approximately 1km.
  • Take the first lane on the left which will lead you past Petches Cottages and Farm.
  • At the end of the lane there is a footpath heading to the right across the field. Follow this path.
  • At the end of the path you will reach another lane.
  • Turn left and stay on the lane as it bends to the right.
  • It will bring you back to Dynes Cottage.

You’re home!

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