To Finchingfield along the stream – approx 2km

The quickest way to Finchingfield is to turn right out of Dynes Cottage and walk approximately half a mile along the lane to the village. There is very little traffic on the lane and it is very safe.

If you’d like a longer, more picturesque route then see below!

  • Leave Dynes Cottage and turn left.
  • Take the first right on the private road signed to Robjohns Farm & Lake House.
  • After about 100 yards take the footpath on the right which heads straight across the field.
  • Where it reaches the corner of the neighbouring field, go over the style and turn right.
  • Walk down the side of the field and go over the bridge at the bottom.
  • Turn right and walk along the path by the stream.
  • This will take you all the way into Finchingfield!
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